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Adi health care initiative is a non-profit, non political body with the sole aim of promoting healthy living amongst the populace. Our mission at AHCI is based on Four Pillars which guide our work and enable us to impact as many people as possible in our community

Healthy Living

We are founded with the vision of improving the health standard and well-being of communities through preventive measures

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Educational Services

We ensure inclusive and equitable quality education by assisting members in dealing with challenges

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Social Services

We provide societal rehabilitation and community support programs

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Pillar of Divinity

We engage children who have spiritual challenges, battling loss, grief or pain

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Aims & Objectives


To take health care to the grassroot.


To create awareness on how to stay healthy, especially among people that do not have access to communication mediums such as television, cell phones, radio, etc


To educate the less privileged on how to use little resources to maintain good health by organizing programs on how to prioritize their needs, healthy eating, exercise, personal and environmental hygiene, healthy relationships, and good lifestyles thus preventing disease conditions as much as possible.

The Founder

Rev. (Mrs) Adizetu Omoshoke Mohammed

Rev. (Mrs) Adizetu Omoshoke Mohammed (Registered Nurse/Midwife) was born on September 1964. She began her charity works at the age of 13 when she made some craft works and sold during her holidays. She gave the proceeds from the sales to support a student in her class who couldn't afford some educational needs and was on the verge of dropping out of school....


Our goal is to serve as a support system

Collaborate with us to make an impact

Our goal is to serve as a support system to disadvantaged communities, providing essential services

Mrs Blessing Emmanuel

Computer Enginering

Mrs Anne Nwaneri


Mr Olayemi Ade

Digital Marketing Consultant
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Feb 16th 2023

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May 21st 2022

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May 21th 2022


I am Mrs Adebambo Yetunde,a widow with two children since 2016. l give God the glory on behalf of Adi Health Care Initiative for their assistance monthly since then. God bless you. Amen
Mrs Adebambo Yetunde
Lagos, Nigeria
Chikaima Okere has been a beneficiary of AHCI's school fee assistance since primary 1 and is now in Primary 3. He lost his mum a teacher a couple of years ago to kidney failure.
Chikaima Okere
Lagos, Nigeria
I am really grateful for all that AHCI has done for me, especially in 2020 November. AHCI gave me the seed funds to start my business.. I pray that you shall not lack in the name of God.
Lagos, Nigeria
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