Rev. (Mrs) Adizetu Omoshoke Mohammed

Founder Adi Healthcare Initiative

Rev. (Mrs) Adizetu Omoshoke Mohammed (Registered Nurse/Midwife) was born on September 1964. She began her charity works at the age of 13 when she made some craft works and sold during her holidays. She gave the proceeds from the sales to support a student in her class who couldn't afford some educational needs and was on the verge of dropping out of school.

This act gave her immeasurable pleasure and subsequently spurred her onto the path of charity which she still treads relentlessly till date. She began a journey of care and support to people where necessary which became a hobby to her.

Driven by this passion, she intentionally trained as a nurse with the aim of taking care of sick people.

Rev.Mrs Mohammed's passion for the less privileged grew also. She became more focused during her nursing school days.

During her ward postings in nursing school, she would cater personally to the needs of patients whose family members were not around or unable to provide some needs; especially the accident victims. She achieved this by soliciting for support and utilising her pocket money.

These humanitarian services continued privately until 2002 when a yearly program tagged Love feast was launched. The programme became a platform for the highly placed people and the less privileged in the community to come together to celebrate love with gift items shared.
The exceptionally brilliant students among the less privileged are awarded scholarships and the not so educationally inclined are encouraged and supplied basic educational needs, after which, they are trained and equipped with skills in their chosen fields of endeavour and then empowered to start a trade.

The love feast program grew and the need to register a support program became inevitable and Adi Health Care Initiative (AHCI) was formally registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission(CAC) and the Special Control Unit Against Money Laundering (SCUML).

AHCI is a non-profit, non religious, non political, non ethnical organization with the sole aim of Love for humanity.
Mrs Mohammed has served in various organizations such as the Golden Cross Infirmary Hospital, Critical Rescue International etc. She is currently the CEO of Nurushat Ventures Limited.


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